ERP Management Software

In a world that’s changing incredibly fast, that’s constantly connected and open to the flows of data and information, operating on an evolutionary path that includes constantly updating products and solutions is fundamental in order to offer customers management software with innovative technological and functional choices, always reliable because they have been created based on extensive know-how acquired over time.

Business Cube combines cutting-edge management functions with a new, advanced server-based architecture that can be used in any work context: in the office or on the move. The proprietary Smart Business Framework technology allows accessing all ERP management functions via Client, Browser or APP created for the most popular mobile and desktop platforms.

All the programs are designed with functional and aesthetic precision to ensure maximum productivity and intuitiveness. The interface is designed with responsive and adaptive logics to make the most of each device’s characteristics.

Business Cube offers users an extraordinary user experience.

Firewall, Security & Backup

Protect your company from virus and Malware attacks: don’t neglect the importance of a good antivirus program and the security that the firewall guarantees.

Rely on us to schedule PC and Server Backups.

World Wide Web

Creation of Websites and E-commerce sites, Email, SMS, Google and Facebook Campaign Management.

But also Hosting, Server, cloud solutions and much more.

Rely on us for advice and the implementation of your WEB projects


We develop projects using blockchain technology. Not only in the Cryptocurrencies sector but also for the Healthcare, Education, Insurance, Banking and Finance sectors and much more

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